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Bid for Michael Jackson's sunglasses using the Snapsale app (PRNewsFoto/Snapsale)

Very few of Michael Jackson’s personal belongings have ever been sold. To raise money for charity, MJ’s close friend Omer Bhatti is now auctioning off a pair of Michael Jackson’s sunglasses from his Dangerous World Tour. The last time (2011) a pair of MJ’s glasses were sold, the winning bid


Get More: 2015 Video Music Awards, Kanye West   MTV is set to award Kanye West with the VMA’s highest honor, the “Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award,” for his career-spanning groundbreaking videos, legendary VMA performances, and continued impact on music, art, fashion, and culture. The award will be presented during


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It’s inevitable: the morning you oversleep is the day you have someplace important to be. Here are some time-saving beauty tips. Time-Saving Beauty Tips for a Busy Day (Family Features) It’s inevitable: the morning you oversleep is the day you have someplace important to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of


(BPT) – Frizz happens – a lot – to women of all hair types. And whether their hair is straight, wavy or naturally curly, American women almost universally agree that frizzy hair is frustrating. While it’s probably no surprise that women hate frizz, the number who suffer from it is

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First impressions are always unforgettable, whether good or bad, the mark that you first leave on a person usually helps him or her determine whether he or she wants to continue to deal with you. If they like what they see, hear, or yes even smell, they will be like


Young Visionaries

Brandon Bailey Johnson Producing in his studio (PRNewsFoto/ReddOak Records, LLC)

Brandon Bailey Johnson, a 13-year-old American Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger and Producer, from El Paso, Texas was awarded the Official Guinness Book of World Records certificate for the “Youngest Professional Music Producer” on Monday, August 24, 2015. Johnson achieved the title of “Youngest Professional Music Producer” by working as the


As reported first by News One Andrea McBride and Robin McBride, co-owners of McBride Sisters, are the first “sistas” to start their own wine company. They stopped by “NewsOne Now” to share their story, as well as conduct a wine tasting session. McBride Sisters makes super premium wines in Marlborough, New

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Mid adult couple on armchair in new home

With the recent news of Ciara and current beau Russell Wilson choosing to remain abstinence until marriage more young millennials have also chosen to take that path. Like Ci and Russ, they have many supporters and doubters. People begin to doubt because they deem it as impossible for them, so


Children, sex, in-laws, work stress – how couples handle these issues says plenty about a marriage and, often, a divorce. Not surprising to many, however, the No. 1 predictor of divorce is money, according to a study from Kansas State University. More specifically, researchers say that arguing about money, especially

Couple lying down with bills

In her recent bestselling book titled “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar,” author and relationship expert Hellen Chen revealed that 85 percent of dating ends up in breakups and dating longer does not always mean a more stable and happier marriage. For over a decade, Chen has played the role of matchmaker

The former Six Flags New Orleans theme park in Louisiana has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina

By La June Montgomery Tabron America’s Wire Writers Group NEW ORLEANS – Ten years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, it’s time for midcourse corrections in the restoration efforts. The coalitions of foundations, nonprofits and government should pause to ensure that their investments will improve upon the pre-Katrina conditions in communities

Wise Lessons in Servant-Leadership from Howard University’s President

When I was growing up my parents constantly tried to be and to expose us to good role models. Daddy would pile us children into our old Dodge and drive us to hear and meet great Black achievers whenever they came near our small hometown of Bennettsville, South Carolina. I


By Curtis Bunn, Urban News Service New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu took to the road to declare his city is “no longer recovering, no longer rebuilding” a decade after Hurricane Katrina devastated it in one of America’s worst natural disasters, but some refuse to buy that speech. For many African


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How many of you have goals? How often do you set a goal for yourself? How often do you accomplish a goal that you set and how long does it take you to accomplish that goal? The reason for the questions as if you were in class is to get


Throughout the Nation many are silently celebrating because of the recent news that minimum wage is now going up to $15 an hour very soon. While this may ring the sound of good news in many low-waged workers ears, it is actually something that should be thought of more carefully.


At the beginning of the year I had the pleasure of attending actress Brely Evans’ “Water Walkers Session” in Los Angeles. The 2-hour, very informative, intimate, and breakthrough session was not only inspiring but life changing. It allowed me to see my purpose and life in a different perspective. The


(BPT) – Good news, there’s still time for one more trip before winter sets in again but you need to start planning now. Preparing for and enjoying a trip has never been easier thanks to advancements in the latest technology so before you grab your bag and go, make sure


Ok so ladies, we all know that one our Black brothas number one complaint about a woman in today’s society is that she just can’t cook. Men love to eat and nourish their bodies, and less and less woman nowadays are catering to that number one need. It’s either they can’t


Women in Atlanta, Georgia have an opportunity to connect with renowned spiritual leader and prophetess Shareese Simmons.  The two day conference will take place at the Omni CNN on September 11th and 12th, with a special 9/11 tribute kicking off the event. Women in the Atlanta & Birmingham area, are encouraged to register




Dust off the grill and get those favorite barbecue recipes ready – it’s tailgating time! Whether watching at home or at the stadium, big games provide ample opportunities for entertaining and nothing brings friends together like grilled dishes, flavorful sides and delicious drinks. For many, watching the game is only

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your zip code is a greater predictor of your health than your genetic code. It not only impacts access to healthy foods, but also your ability to stay active. While it may be difficult to believe, millions living in underserved communities

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No matter where you turn, pattern inspiration is all around you – from modern architecture and traditional flooring to animal furs, floral arrangements and fashion runways. As homeowners and designers look to personalize spaces and create impactful interiors, patterns are being replicated with paint on walls, floors, furniture and more.


    Attic Empire are a dynamic 7-piece space funk musical collective from Los Angeles California.  Fusing ska, indie rock, soul, funk and jazz, the large ensemble packs serious talent with a rhythm and horn section both sonically and visually impressive. Consisting of Tyler Connaghan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick


Southern California Edison and National Theater for Children teamed up tour school’s in Southern California to teach kids about electricity safety.   Like(0)Dislike(0)

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Submitted by Trea Davenport, Trea Day PR Oakland, CA born King Gorgeous has released an innovative e-book “The 420 Principles of Values” highlighting what he deems the most principle driven words in the dictionary. The recording artist, inventor, designer-turned author has dissected Webster’s word source, extrapolating an empowering value based selection


Ferguson, MO – Despite angry protests and national outcry after the police killing of unarmed Michael Brown, Jr., a year ago August 9, the police shootings of Black citizens and ensuing uprisings continue to occur across the country. Diversity expert and author, Devin S. James, warns the tragedies and conflict will


By Richy Rosario via VIBE Beats by Dr. Dre and Undefeated have teamed up to launch new special edition Powerbeats2 Wireless in-ear headphones. The stylish ’90s-inspired, military olive ear sets offers irresistible perks like a wireless connection from your device and waterproof material designed for you to freely work up a


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